4 Reasons why should you should have an EduFund

Why should you have an education fund dedicated to your child’s college education? Well, you already have to worry about saving up for your home, your retirement and any other emergency needs that may arise. With all these goals it might look daunting to have another fund for education too. But, why Is it important?

5 Ways you can save up for your child’s education

The belief that a good education will provide a good life is entrenched in the way we think. Indian parents are willing to go at length to provide their children with the best education and are ready to spend as much as it takes. Many parents start saving when their child is very young, to prepare for future college related expenses. But which investment avenue should they choose?

5 Reasons why SIP is the best investment choice?

A Systematic investment plan or SIP is a plan that helps you invest in mutual funds on a regular basis. You can choose to invest weekly, monthly or quarterly for a year – the most popular choice being monthly.

Why you should start investing for your child’s education today

Education is becoming expensive. In the United States, the average annual cost of university tuition is $40,000 (29 lakhs) and is expected to increase by 3-5% per year. To add to the tension, Indian parents have to worry about rupee depreciation while making foreign exchange transactions into dollars.

Investing in dollar vs investing in rupee

In the age of growing volatility across financial products, currency fluctuation over the years has been no different. The Indian rupee also had its share of wild fluctuations against the US Dollar. So which avenue is better?